This is the perfect product to assist with keeping our roads safe as people can monitor themselves before driving home or to any venue.

Cleverly camouflaged as a standard hardcover book, a book safe provides a hidden compartment for secure interior storage space. The hidden compartment holds jewelry spare keys, credit cards, passports and other items you want to keep protected. Now you can "hide" your valuables in a place that is least suspected.

Cell Phone Stun Guns with Torch 1 200 000 Volts Model 95 It comes with a charger and pouch in a box. It is Light and is perfect for Woman to carry around in their Hand Bags or car and is perfect to use for protection .

KO pepper defence spray comes with a highly concentrated dose of 11% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Effective Range: up to 5 meters Made in Germany What makes this product THE BEST on the market? KO Pepper Spray has the highest concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum which is the active ingredient. The effects last longer than any other brand. Effects when used on an attacker • Burns the eyes • Burns and marks the skin • Makes breathing difficult and un

How to use a Fire Extinguisher? Remember P A S S Pull the Pinat the top of the extinguisher. The pin releases a locking mechanism and will allow you to discharge the extinguisher. Aim at the base of the fire,not the flames. This is important - in order to put out the fire, you must extinguish the fuel. Squeeze the lever slowly.This will release the extinguishing agent in the extinguisher. If the handle is released, the discharge will stop. Sweep from side to side.&n

The Loud 'n Clear, is an aerosol powered, hand held signalling alarm for instant emergency communication at the touch of a finger. The Loud 'n Clear is lightweight & portable and can easily be carried by hand or in a pouch attached to a belt or attached to safety equipment. The Loud 'n Clear does not sound like other electronic alarms and is very easily identifiable in cases of emergency. 135ml canister - up to 80 short blasts in each canister – can be heard

The Metal emergency Break Glass Box is used for storing the emergency exit door keys. This Box has a clear window which you break in case of a fire emergency.

Safety SABS Approved Hard Hat

Protective Mesh ,50mm Reflective Tape ,Binding on Ends ,ID Pocket ,Zip Front ,53 gsm

Magnetic Base 12 Volt DC Colour: Amber Only 5W incandescent bulb 3 magnetic feet (can be removed for permanent mounting)

Solar Powered Single days charge will last 5 nights The base is designed to fit into a traffic cone Colour: Amber Only

Charles P. Rudabaker of New York invented the first traffic cones in 1914. They were made out of concrete at the time.

Convex Mirrors Size: 450mm / 600mm / 1000mm Diameter

50 Meter Rolls

Plastic Mesh Safety Fencing Colour - Orange Only

Wheel Clamps Various Kinds

Size: 2 250 x 550 x 200mm Weight: 85 Kg

When used properly, it is extremely effective in detecting even the smallest of metallic objects. Hand Held Super Scanners operate in a very low frequency range and is completely safe for all scanning situations, including pregnancies and the operation of electronic devices such as pacemakers.

Straight Batons and Tofa Batons in various sizes

Lanyards - 7mm Diameter

Referee & Police Whistle

Symbolic Safety Signage - SABS Approved

Size: 620mm High

Size: 850x2000mm Digital Print Banners Printed on Non-curl material (Ferrari material) These come with Aluminium Stand & Bag Usually used at the reception area of work place or conventions

Price depends entirely on the size required

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